Repetition is something that you can kill me with. It is a weapon that has the power to make me dull and frustrated. But surprisingly this time it is me only, who seems to be going over and over the same thing. If you don’t mind, I have something more to say about Juhu beach again. It is not because I love Juhu or because it is a very popular destination or any such thing. It is something really BIG and different. And if it were not this BIG, I would not be boring you with this topic again. Well, I don’t know if any one else too has seen the phenomenon what I noticed yesterday. Some of you may have read and seen the pictures of damage to the beach due to the storm of 26th July. Well excuse a little more of repetition, I was again coming from BR Chopra’s dubbing theatre and again walking home. But don’t worry it was the last day of the dubbing. So it will not happen again. I also decided to walk because the sky was over caste and there was a slight drizzle. Since I was going home, my umbrella and cap were kept safely in my shoulder bag. Let me take a detour at this point, since it may sound a little weird in deciding to walk 5 KM because it happened to be drizzling! This small incident will tell you how my mind functions these days.
Detour >
A few days back I stayed the night in a friend’s place. In morning after breakfast I decided to leave. Suddenly it started pouring. My friend in all common sense and good intentions asked me to wait till rain subsided. I apologetically told him, ”Actually I must leave now, since I don’t know if I would get many chances to walk in the rain this year. The season is nearly ending. So really I don’t want of miss it.” And I left.
Detour Over <
I entered Juhu Beach from the area near the Bhelpuri shops. The mixture of the rain and the breeze was just right to make it pleasant. It does not take too much to make me happy; just a little rain and breeze on my face will do. It was low tide. Sea was at a distance. I was at the same point from where I took pictures of damaged beach some days back. My heart missed a beat. To my utter amazement I noticed that the beach has been surprisingly repaired! For sometime I could not believe it. I looked left and right; but as we say ‘seeing is believing’ and I was standing right there to see it. All those dangerous dips and cuts, which had appeared (and made me feel bad) seemed to have filled up mysteriously. Juhu was looking fairly flat and in a straight line, like it had always been. These days I carry a digital camera with me most of the time. But it was 6.45 PM and quite dark due to over caste sky to take pictures. Remember it was drizzling? It is absolutely amazing the way repairs had happened. I started walking fast to see the entire stretch. But even from a distance I could make out that the people were walking on the straight line and not in wavy in and out. Right in the end only one part on the Silver Beach near Godrej house is yet to be done. 
I really wonder what is happening these days. At the FTII, Pune, a 100 ft tall, 80 years old Banyan tree fell due to excess rain. I felt bad. It got planted back. Juhu beach had got damaged. I felt bad. It is getting repaired and at what speed! I don’t know what to call all this? Obviously to prove my point I will take pictures of the beach soon and upload them. In fact I want to see it again to reconfirm the mystery. That’s it. I guess nature repairing itself so beautifully and so fast can only be called a mystery or may be a miracle. You choose the word.
Another positive thing that happened after the deluge is that our Govt of Maharashtra has totally banned the plastic bag. All concerned have been given a months’ notice to stop production of this item. Bhajiwallahs have already started giving vegetables in newspaper. People are carrying cloth-bags for shopping. Just like the olden times. Soon we may have to take utensils to get Dahi from the dairy. By the way plastic bags were the main culprit that choked the sewages all over the city, making the flood situation worse. Take good care of yourself.


It has been quite long that
I did something,
Something worthwhile
To talk about
If not to brag… about
Something useful to me
Or to anyone
To write a new exciting blog post
To come up with a unique new painting
To read a serious science article
Or a spiritual one or one on health or finance
I am not interested in new friends
At least not from around here
May be in another city or perhaps from a village
People who are not like me
All these guys are like dated boring flop movies
All scratchy, dramatic and staccato
They are far from exciting, in tune
Bright or witty
After meeting with such a friend is over
I do not feel any richer…
With a new idea, a new word or thought
I am not interested in friends,
Who are helpful or kind or just plain nice guys,
So to say
Concept of a helpful friend is boring
People who make friends because
One can depend on them in need
Is a very selfish idea
I want friends, who are bright,
Who spread knowledge and cheer
There are number of people
Who offer never ending flow of advice
And are ever ready to correct me
Improvement me, make me like them…
So very kind of them
But I feel none of these qualify to improve me
It might be politically incorrect
To not feel indebted for their genuine concern about me
Their belief that without their help
I might be left behind
I wouldn’t be known
Will not succeed
And will remain in the background for ever…
So I have decided to act on this urgently
There is hardly any time
Procrastination is a terrible activity
Or shall we say absence of any activity?
But waiting for things to happen isn’t
So without any delay
I have decided to start ‘waiting’