Gautam was up at 5.30 and in a relaxed hurry he got ready. He changed into his walking attire, wore his sports shoes, a watch and a belt pouch with his specks, phone and house keys. He stepped out sharp at 6 am. It was quite bright. Slowly he moved as per his plan to walk along sea side road to Yari road and then turn around to return. Last time he remembered it took him 50 min. He thinks that’s a fair amount to cover in a day.

He normally does road walks early mornings. Because the traffic is scant. So roads are comparatively less dangerous. It is also less noisy. As he reached near the first turn to the sea on Versova beach, he decided to take a look if there was space to walk on the sand. If the tide is high then one cannot walk there. But the tide was receding. So a large stretch of sand though very wet, was available. He decided it was a better bet to walk here than road.
He tested the sand. The beach was tilted badly. So his feet were very unbalanced, left up and right way down. But he found it better as he moved towards the water line.

Gautam picked up pace after examining the beach till the end. It seemed about 750 meters. One round trip makes it 1.5 km. There were very few people. One young guy sitting cross legged was chanting Aum in various pitches. Other sounds that he heard were of sea gulls, crows and waves.

Waves! He remembered his last meeting with the sea about a month back. He had a conversation with it. Gautam basically does not need anything for himself, as he is totally self content... And that’s the kind of general perception. Everyone knows that. But he had another responsibility on him and he was not sure if he can handle it by himself.

He started his talk to the sea,”last time I told you that I have met someone very important. She is from the ancient times, when the world was very different…”

He heard a roar of waves.

“Yes, now I have taken this as my life’s sole purpose that…”

Big roar again.

See now I have told you in so many words… You are so strong… You cover and control most of the earth… You can easily help us… I am also in conversation with trees and wind.

Large wave splashed on the beach.

Okay okay. So I take it as we have a deal. I don’t want to see her upset ever again. That I know, but Gautam is just another name for someone who roamed around here. He listened to the waves of your teachings intently and tried his best to figure out what each of those waves meant.

Who me? No, I will be okay. I really wouldn’t consider myself to be one of the greatest souls you met in your life time. So you don’t have to keep any thing for me. A pretty little shell will do.


I really think I have seen you earlier
I just don’t know when and where
You seem to be a stranger
But not unknown
You may be a delicate doubt
More believable
Than beliefs of my own
When I saw you today
A memory flashed
A dark moonless rainy night
Meeting of our eyes
Lighting up my world bright
Your passionate calm face
Flowing dark silken hair
Rain drenched clothes
Enhancing your contours
My verses could never contain
Unabashed beauty of yours
Your passionate face froze my mind
And cold rain lit up a fire inside
I remember those lips shivering with passion
And hearts beating in a quiet conversation


Look. There, in that direction
Can you see that?
A huge slab of darkness
Like a dark mountain
Yes right, that one
That’s a mountain of darkness
On the other side of that
Behind it
Yes, right through it
There is a light
My light!
Why, can you not see it?
Look right at the center of the dark mass
Yes, concentrate in the middle of it
Well, I can see it easily
So what if it is dark
I know, light can be seen anyways
Darkness is darkness
But light is light
I agree if light is there
Then darkness cannot exist
Both can’t co-exist
But what can I do
If it's there, it's there
We can’t help it
Alright, I understand
You cannot see it
I agree
I also have been trying
Sorry, but I too cannot see it very well
But, I know it is there
Behind that dark entity
I was trying to find
If you could see that
Or anyone else
Soon I am leaving to get to it
No, don’t worry, I will find a way
They say
Where there's a will, there's a way
May be I will find some light on the path
May be… not
So plan is to walk in a straight line
When you can see nothing
You must remain focused
And alert and follow a line
You never know what you might come across
Stones, thorns, ditches, ravines
Snakes, scorpions, other animals
There can be anything
I will be in total darkness
But… I could also say
I might bump into a person!
Like me, someone,
Who might also be looking for a light!
You think people on the other side
Are not looking for the light from this side?
Or any side?
Isn’t it possible?
It is, isn’t it?