Let Me Be Me

Posted 9/5/2019

Nothing raises waves now,

Inside me, I mean

Something surely seems to have quieted

Don’t know how, but

Waves are not high and violent

They… the waves

I noticed

Had been getting smaller and weaker

Until… one day

They couldn’t be noticed

Now I don’t see any movement

Even in the far off horizon

My stormy ocean now has stabilized

The surface has become flat

It looks like…

Like a desert of water

Without dunes

No grass, shrubs or trees

Yet, one in a while

A wave of breeze arrives

And tries to shake the ocean

Wake it, make it talk, play

Excite it

Or at least look excited

Breeze wants ocean to make waves

Become same again

But… after trying for a while

She tires herself

Feeling helpless

She turns away

She doesn’t like my ocean’s disinterest

But the ocean doesn’t feel bad

That she is feeling bad

He gets thoughtful though

Breeze is wind, air

She can move,

Travel the world over

She could find another ocean

May be…

Shutting his eyes he thinks

Let me be me

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Poetic Challenge

Posted 9/5/2019

Taking this up was challenging

I took some time for starting

Thinking,  thinking

Then some more thinking

It turned out to be over thinking…

Finally I thought of at least trying


Face, yes there is a face

I can start writing about the face 

Say a lot about eyes

Eye brows, lashes

Cheeks, cheek bones

Hair, chin, lips and nose

The way the eyes look

And the look in the eyes

What do eyes say

What does the face say

No not the skin of the face

But a bit underneath

There is an inside layer

Hidden there is another player

Who is emoting differently

Contradicting the visible layer

I cannot decide who is right

What is the truth

Is tThe visible one right

Or the one hidden behind


I had known in the beginning

This was going to be challenging

It's just a short poem connecting

Starting, trying and inevitably failing

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Physiology philosophy

Posted 9/5/2019

beginning of life is a throb in the chest

rushing of blood through veins

that red liquid occupies the face

brain, tongue, throat and toes

heart pushes the blood with power and regularity

through miles of veins in the body

every tissue needs stuff carried by blood

may be oxygen or minerals


there is another substance being pushed through different channels in the body

which is not liquid

it is air

mixture of various gases

a little organ in the face pulls it in

through the inner pipes

to large lungs it is sent

in a very unlikely match

of air and liquid mix

energy rakes up 

and the body wakes up

it looks around to do something

if something is wrong

it has to be fixed

after you come in

door must be shut


it has to be opened in order to go out

for shopping

things have to be carried back

light up the fire

the food cooked and eaten

to supply stuff to survive


soon yet another function comes up

on the forehead, gathers appear

the brows bend to meet in center

eyes start to squint

a hum is heard in voice

the head tilts to a side

this is start of inquiry
is this right?

could it be better?

can it be more beautiful?

more efficient

more appealing

could it better for me

for them

for everyone

could i make many of these

could i make everyone happy


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