A Change

Posted 6/4/2019

Since morning calming thoughts have been flirting with my mind. First one came as soon as I stepped out for a walk. I started feeling strongly that someone has become very protective to me. There were thoughts, but negative and repitative thoughts had vanished. I could first time feel how relaxing it is to experience that state.

Last night I had to kill a lizard for nth time. I hit the little baby with broom, it fell down. I picked it up with hand and dropped it out of the window. Then I realised that baby wasn't dead, it was only stunned. So I can see how that life wasn't lost due to me. And that's because someone is handling it for me, to keep my slate of Karma clean.

After walk, I ate two fruits; a peach and a mango. Again I felt an amazing lightness inside me. In all likelihood it's the effect of TM, Sidhi and Flying practice.

This is the best thing that could have happened to me, ever.

शायद... तुम्हें पता हो

Posted 3/14/2019
हुई मुद्दत
कि वक़्त थम गया 
और छोड़ गया तुम्हारा अक्स
मेरे चेहरे के सामने 
मेरी बंद आँखों में...

इस अक्स के पीछे का चेहरा 
हँसता मुस्कराता बातें करता 
सीधे मेरी आँखों में देखता...
अब नहीं दिखाई देता 
वो आवाज़ अब सुनाई नहीं देती 
हाँ पर... 
अब भी कभी कभी 
मेरी हथेली पर पसीने की
एक हलकी सी पर्त का एहसास होता है
वो पसीना आज भी 
दो हाथों का मालूम होता है 
दोस्त शायद ...
तुम्हें पता हो

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PM Modi's Tenure

Posted 3/14/2019

The most important event that is approaching in Indian calendar is our parliamentary elections. The dates have not been announced yet, but processes are on. Actual voting is due to start from April 2019. It will take a very long time, as India is a huge country with a massive population. Thus the election becomes a massive project that includes movement of work force, material, ballot boxes, security-personnel and any other forces that might be required for such important sensitive activity. But good thing is that India has gone through this exercise many times earlier and it will successfully do it this time again.

Present NDA government took over the reins of the running the country in 2014. BJP was the most powerful party, as it had won maximum seats on its own. PM, Modi has been honest, hardworking and person with foresight. He had led the country from front and allowed every other minister to use their own initiative and intelligence in their ministries. I did not see that anyone was snubbed, restricted or told to do things differently. This government has two women handling the most powerful and important ministries; MEA and MoD.

This government has done so much for actual poor and middle class of the country; mainly for women. On 15 Aug, PM had announced that all the villages will be connected with electricity within a stipulated time and it was done. Secondly PM Modi’s massive ‘cleanliness’ drive pan India has taken roots. His drive against open defecation has worked wonders. Many cities and states are now ODF (open defecation free). It may be known to many but cleanliness actually leads to better health in immediate future. We in India say, ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’.

PM Modi understood a real, practical and unavoidable problem of women while cooking for her family. It’s the smoke from the wood fire. Cooking has to be done and has to be done without fail. So, millions of gas connections via gas cylinders were provided ‘free of cost’ to such families, especially in the north-east of the country. Now these women can cook without shedding tears.

PM Modi has done great job in foreign affairs. He brought so many countries back into our fold. PM Modi has rejuvenated relationships with few countries, people thought were kind of ‘not required or not important to pursue’. I can name Mongolia in this context. He also improved our connections with many nations who always thought were actually ‘not our friends’.

Soon more.

Shadows of darkness

Posted 2/19/2019

Why is it so dark in here

In my heart

All around me

Where have those twinkling lamps gone

Sending out signals of love and hope

Their smooth and warm light

Scattered all around my being

Hoping with hope

That kept me going

My face kept a stiff smile on…


Where are the lamps now

Lit by warmth of our love

Has the love burnt out

But why

And how

Don’t we all need light

Don’t we all need love


It is so dark now

I can't find you

I can't find the lamps

Even shadows are not seen

Have the lamps taken away the shadows

Why can't the darkness create shadows

The light creates dark shadows

Couldn’t the darkness create bright shadows

Now there is no you

There is no love, no hope

No light, no warmth

… not even shadows of darkness

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Not dead yet...

Posted 2/19/2019

Gautam thinks something is different since morning. He is mentally checking for the changes around his chest, but inside. And also a little higher around his head, around brain, he wondered. What must be happening around these two areas? Brain is an organ, he mentally argued; but mind is not. It is a soft-ware issue. Here he hit a wall called, ‘loss of clarity’. He was still in his hut and these strange blissful feelings had filled inside him in the hut.

He decided, no, nothing has changed in the outside world, but in him… inside him.

All those regular ideas, thoughts, disturbances… that stayed in his mind and played games in the brain, had disappeared… or so it seems. Gone away for a short while? This could be temporary. But how was Gautam to know that? All kinds of regular clutter, idle chatter, repeats, anxieties and distresses seem to have vanished. His mental space seemed to be glittering and spotlessly clean. His mind was feeling light, as if ready to fly. Brain seems to be idling quietly. Not revved up like it did, till yesterday.

Gautam found himself to be very unusually calm. He had woken up after an amazingly peaceful sleep. He felt no sign of laziness. He had never experiences this state of his mind; where he is not happy; but is blissful. His face has no smile, but his being seems to have blossomed. How a bloomed flower doesn’t smile; but its entire body seems to be smiling.

Something like that was happening to him. He stepped out of his hut. Many leafs fell on him. Whenever that happens, he always looks up and thanks the tree. A little ahead the yellow flower tree had shed numerous flowers. May be it happens every day; but Gautam felt that day it was done especially and purposefully for him. Birds in the sky seemed more noisy, perky and cheerful. The deer, rabbits and foxes had made a group and were huddled together. Small birds were perched on the lowest branches of the trees and seemed to be watching Gautam walk past.

He felt a strange lightness in his feet, in his walk. His body did not seem to exert to move ahead… very unusual. This can't be heaven.

He clearly remembers he hadn’t died… at least not as yet.