11.7 Mumbai

Posted 9/8/2019

09 April, 2007

Time 6.24pm, date July 11, 2006, Western Railway trains and stations, Mumbai’s test in tolerance, patience, resilience and helpfulness, duration 11 min.

The first blast ripped the first class compartment of Churchgate-Borivli 6.00pm train at 6.24pm, near Khar station. About 15 people initially were reported to be admitted in hospitals. Soon the news of more blasts started pouring in and the death toll started moving up dramatically. In 11 minutes Mumbai’s life line endured 7 such massive explosions, on its trains and the stations. Other places where blasts occurred are Bandra, Jogeshwari, Mahim, Mira Road, Matunga and the last one Borivali at 6.35 pm. They say Borivali had two charges, out of which cops were able to defuse one. What it means is no mean thing. It means that in the sprawling platforms at the Borivali station the unsuspecting bag was noticed and identified by the cops, the bomb disposal squad called, explosives confirmed and then defused. In fact when I heard about this, I got a little hopeful of culprits getting caught soon. Because the cops could get some lead by finding the way the bomb was assembled, technology used and also if lucky they may be able to dust some finger prints off it. Sure enough the latest from the police is that they ‘may have some lead’. Mumbai Police is ‘one of the best in the world’, was observed by the famous Scotland Yard, many years back.
Any way the
bad boys had done their home work well and chose the best time to do their black deeds. The time chosen was when the trains are so tightly packed that people like me would think of taking the next train. It has been understood that all the parcels fitted with explosive devices were placed in at the starting point, Churchgate itself.
It is not difficult to imagine how easy it is to leave a brief case or a
gift with time-bombs on the top shelf and just wait outside casually, till the signal turns ‘go’. As the train starts to move, try to catch it but miss it, then walk out calmly and get dissolved into the streams of unsuspecting public.
My family’s brush with high voltage tension happened with my wife’s brother took the Churchgate-Borivli train from around the same ill fated time. His office confirmed that he left at 5.50pm. We were looking at the news channels all the time. He normally reaches home by 7.30pm; but he did not until 9.30pm. No telephone call from him made the situation very bad at home. As the time passed the tension multiplied many fold. To make it worse someone noticed a dead body resembling him. We were ready to go out to find him if he did not call, when he finally did a little after 9.30pm. He ultimately reached home safely around 10.30pm. He spent more than 4 hrs on his fateful return journey. And yes he was in the train that was just behind the blasted train at Matunga! All the passengers were asked to evacuate on the track, walk back to Dadar and head for the exit immediately. He had to walk from Dadar to Mahim and from there finally someone gave him a lift in a traffic snarl, moving slower than a train of snail.
He called us at 9.30am today to tell his powerful story. Can you believe he was calling from his office? That means he again got his usual 7.53 train from Andheri today morning too - just 'the day after'! This is the spirit of a common Mumbaikar!
According to current reports, the death toll in the serial blasts has reached 190 plus with more than 700 injured.
Actually July 11, started with the
blasts in Kashmir. Nearly 10 people lost their lives. The attack was aimed at the children and tourists. But when something happens far away from you, it does not leave the same strong effect on you. It is like you don’t get the heat from a fire that may be blazing far away. Not for the reason of non-concern; but because there are no emotional strings with the location, environment or even people. Emotional concern and scare flares up as the people close to you, people of your city, your fellow travelers, trains or buses that you travel in are affected.
It is rather sad that most of us are not sensitive enough to get affected by the destructions else where, like in Gaza, Iraq, Serbia…but can’t be helped, can it?

Can you believe he was calling from his office? That means he again got his usual 7.53 train from Andheri today morning too; just 'the day after'!

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Dev Saab, no more ;-(

Posted 9/8/2019

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

mr. dev anand (dev saab) expired on december 3, 2011 in london

he died in his sleep due to a massive heart attack (as reported)
many people knew about my 12 year long association with him and navketan
here are some of the condolences messages from my family and friends
(PS: please do not bother about the spellings and spaces etc. i have retained them as it is.)

G S Bhaskar: Sir, joining you in prayers for Devsaab, the rarest of rare gems. You are fortunate to be associated with Navketan with with that wonderful humanbeing. Pranam. -bhaskar G. S.
(Reply: Thanks Bhaskar. He got such glowing tributes from all over. Take care)

(Reply: )

Pranav Mehta: Mama.I am sorry on the demise of dev anand ji.it is a great loss to the countru
(Reply: Thanks pranav, i m feeling very sad, after years. Happy to shed a few tears)

Meera Bhardwaj: Dev anandji's death mst hv jogd sevral memoris.
(Reply: Yes meera. Feeling very upset, choked, sometime tearful :-( 

Apy: hey arun. personal nostalgia must b flooding,
(Reply: Yes it is)

Prashant Desai: May the soul of Dev Anand rest in peace. V wil miss u Devsaab
(Reply: Yes prashant true)

KK Jaisawal: So sad... Dev saab is no more
(Reply: Yes i m very upset)

Indu: Dev uncle died this morning in london
(Reply: Yes came to know thanks,very sad)

Hersh Kohli: Uncle Dev died of hearth attack in london

Tarun Hriday: Hope u r abreast dev anand dies in london. 2011 witnessed a lot of deaths from field of art n culture n films. One more coincidence kalika arriving today only. Tarun
(Reply: Yes munna starngely your sms was first, then hersh. I just spoke to him... I am feleing very sad. I knew the time was ripe. But i am happy that i feel choked and tearful for him)

Wrote to Amit: Feeling like crying...extremely sad
(His reply: Dev Saab:Eternal!)


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Let Me Be Me

Posted 9/5/2019

Nothing raises waves now,

Inside me, I mean

Something surely seems to have quieted

Don’t know how, but

Waves are not high and violent

They… the waves

I noticed

Had been getting smaller and weaker

Until… one day

They couldn’t be noticed

Now I don’t see any movement

Even in the far off horizon

My stormy ocean now has stabilized

The surface has become flat

It looks like…

Like a desert of water

Without dunes

No grass, shrubs or trees

Yet, one in a while

A wave of breeze arrives

And tries to shake the ocean

Wake it, make it talk, play

Excite it

Or at least look excited

Breeze wants ocean to make waves

Become same again

But… after trying for a while

She tires herself

Feeling helpless

She turns away

She doesn’t like my ocean’s disinterest

But the ocean doesn’t feel bad

That she is feeling bad

He gets thoughtful though

Breeze is wind, air

She can move,

Travel the world over

She could find another ocean

May be…

Shutting his eyes he thinks

Let me be me

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