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            ...So far so good

Someone born in a lower middle class, orthodox, conservative family in Uttar Pradesh, finds himself studying 'cinema' in a premier film school of India - all because he found his name in the list of successful candidates and after a few minutes of uncertainty, decided to go for it! As a child whose only connection with cinema was singing film songs and enviously watching film posters of his favorite stars from a distance. Few years later he finds himself working with the very same stars, as a part of their team! With no godfather, no base and no money in a city like Mumbai this guy not only survives but thrives. He also earns respect among the respected in the fraternity.

To go back a little, I completed my 'Sound Recording' course in 1972. Came to Bombay. In a few days found myself assisting in a number of movies. Within a year and a half I had to bid good-bye to assisiting as I was given a break by Navketan as their 'sound recordist' in Oct 1973. By 1985 I had done nearly 30 feature films! Later I got into documentaries and did sound for many established documentary makers. I also did production jobs, did some writing, also produced and directed a few documentaries.

Soon the winds of technology changed to 'video' and I too was swept by it. I was part of India's first ever music video, 'Young Tarang' by Nazia and Zoheb Hasan, also recorded some of earliest 'audio books' both in prose and verse...

... I would say 'so far so good'.

Film & Television Institute of India, Pune

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