My 'Sound Recording' course got over in May of 1972. I landed in Bombay, the very next day after the formalities of final semester were done with. True to 'filmy scenes' my first night in Mumbai was almost spent on street. At the last minute my friend Arun Chakravarti sneeked me into his room and I survived the adventure of sleeping on a cement bench at Lallu Bhai Park, Andheri. Next day my friends found a large room for me at Khetwadi Main Road (Girgaon). I had been allotted a bed out of 4 available in a large room. Best part was other 3 beds also were occupied by my Film Institute friends. I would stay here for the next 5 years and would become very close friends of land-lord Jayant Patel and his entire family.

In a few days I found myself working as a recording assistant in a number of movies. And soon I was not only working with the very same stars, I admired from a distance, but also as a part of their team! Within year and a half I had to bid good-bye to assisting, as in Oct 1973, I got a break as Navketan’s 'sound recordist'.

By 1985 I had done nearly 25 feature films.

Later I got into documentaries and did sound for many established documentary makers. I also did production jobs, did some writing, also produced and directed a few documentaries.

Film & Television Institute of India, then: