In Brief:
Hello friends, let me introduced this little website to you. To start with, I have been very passionate about the name, 'Art & Soul', that I picked out from the expression 'heart and soul'. As you know the term 'heart and soul' is used when you do something using all your physical, artistic and spiritual resources...
It is about the journey of someone born in a simple, middle class, conservative family in Uttar Pradesh. As a child he was attracted towards films and film songs. The atmosphere was always filled with songs being played on loud speakers. Once at the age of three he heard melodious music from his neighbor’s house and just walked in. He straight away reached the source of the sound – a gramophone. He was awestruck seeing the turning record, a needle on it and a brass speaker. He immediately figured the technology. This was the first time he had a close encounter with a music playing machine. Other than this he would enviously watch film posters tied on a cycle rickshaw announcing arrival of a new film. He would keenly grab the advertising pamphlets thrown out with unclear faces and name of the films.
As he grew older and finished his college, like everyone else he too was expected to choose a profession or a field. There must have been something very strong and sincere about what was deep inside his heart – movies! And this sincerity brought him to 'Film Institute of India' at Poona for an interview to study ‘Sound Recording’. It was after he saw his name in the list of selected students, instead of feeling elated; deep fright and tearing uncertainty set inside him. Since Poona was very far from home, totally an unknown city, the decision to join this film school, had to be made in the absence of any guidance from anyone. Finally, at age 18, ‘he’, that is ‘me’, took the life altering decision all by myself; ‘to stay on the campus’. Studying here was to turn all my dreams, fantasies and admiration for cinema, into reality.
In nearly five decades long career, I developed passions for photography, writing, travel, fitness, spirituality and teaching…
So, this website is basically about dreaming, dreaming what you love and achieving it. I would be very happy if my story inspires countless others to dare and fulfill their dreams too. I wish everyone to push ahead, find new interests and try to excel in whatever you get into.

Finally, I would encourage visitors to treat 'Art & Soul' like a free little park. One can drop in, read, check out the photographs and stay around without feeling pressurized about shopping, clicking 'like'... or any other such thing. Enjoy!