Main gate,"Film & Television Institue of India, Pune"
FTII dresed up for its 50th anniversary, Golden Jubilee year.
In Brief:
Hello friends, let me introduced this little website to you. To start with, I have been very passionate about the name, 'Art & Soul', that I picked out from the expression 'heart and soul'. As you know the term 'heart and soul' is used when you do something by using all the physical, artistic and spiritual resources that are inside you...
Someone born in a lower middle class, orthodox, conservative family in Uttar Pradesh, finds himself studying 'cinema' in a premier film school of India! The decision to join this school in Poona, had to be made in the absence of any guidance from elders. It was a very short period of tearing uncertainity and extreme tension that he decided to go for it!
As a child whose only connection with cinema was singing film songs and enviously watching film posters of his favorite stars from a distance. And a few years later he finds himself working with the very same stars, as a part of their team! With no godfather, no base and no financial backing in a city like Mumbai this guy not only survives but thrives. He earns respect among the respected in the fraternity.
So, this website is basically about various art forms and passions like photography, writing, travel that this person that is 'me' seen in his nearly 5decades long career...
Finally, I would encourage visitors to treat 'Art & Soul' like a little free park. One can drop in, read, check out the photographs or stay around without feeling pressurized about shopping, clicking 'like'... or any such thing. Enjoy!